Me with a 20+lb chum salmon caught on the fly

About this page

This webpage is all about fly fishing with an emphasis on native salmonids. Salmonids which include trout, salmon, char and their relatives exhibit an incredible amount of biodiversity and I have done my best to document it here. While there are numerous books and websites with illustrations and information on trout and salmon, there are relatively few that include actual photographs. On my trout and salmon page I have compiled pictures as well as information on species and subspecies of trout and salmon that I have caught. My blog features the adventures behind collecting these photographs, as well as news about the native trout populations and their conservation. This site also features information on a variety of fly fishing destinations, as well as tying instructions for some of my favorite flies. All of the pictures on this page were taken by me or my friends unless otherwise stated. It is my hope that this site will help to raise awareness of the biodiversity found in our native salmonids and the threats that they are facing so that we may be better stewards of these beautiful fish.


This site is a new version of my previous website Gigharborflyfisher's Home Page. This site and it's companion blog will be constantly updated, so be sure to check back from time to time.


Plight of the Alvord Cutthroat - Support Needed!

While the Alvord cutthroat is officially considered to be extinct, a small population of trout matching the description of these fish has resurfaced in a small stream in Southeastern Oregon. This population is extremely fragile and is already underthreat from introduced Lahontan cutthroat that can hybridize with these fish. As of right now Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has yet to take any steps towards further securing this population. I urge all of my readers to right letters to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in support of a transplant population of these rarest of North American trout.

Letters can be sent to: Shannon Hurn, ODFW District Office, 237 Highway 20 South/ PO Box 8, Hines, OR 97738.

For a great example of a letter in support of this project please click here.

For more information on the status of these fish please visit Kortum of Discovery.or my page on Alvord Cutthroat.